Mount Bethel Baptist Church was established in 1905 in a store on Chestnut Street under the leadership of Reverend A.J. Hubbard, our first pastor .  We were assisted by Calvary Baptist Church of Paterson, New Jersey, which is now known as our mother church. 

Reverend Hubbard served the church for 20 years.

1925  Rev. Ward D. Yerby         1929  Rev. Charles Shelton          1938  Rev. George Reed

1945 Rev. Henry Grant Jones       1955  Rev. J. Beebe Jowers           1959  Rev. Jesse Truvillion

1965  Rev. Hosea Howell          1971  Rev. Stanley B. Long

These nine men brought a variety of unique spiritual gifts, dedication, commitment, physical improvement, and a richer relationship with God to Mount Bethel.

Our tenth and present pastor, Reverend Thomas Johnson, was called to serve as pastor in July 1976.  He accepted the call in September 1976 and was duly installed on Sunday, May 29, 1977.  Under his administration, we currently have Bible Studies, a Vacation Bible School, Intercessory Prayer Teams, and Revival Services. Also developed under Reverend Johnson's direction are the Youth Department and various Church Choirs, the Men's Fellowship Group, and a seed church bearing Mount Bethel's name in Uitenhage, South Africa.  In addition, the physical comfort and conveniences of the church have been enhanced. We have added a Fellowship Hall and additional classrooms.

September 2008, we moved into our new expanded sanctuary, to meet the growing spiritual needs of the congregation.

A historical touch will always abound at Mount Bethel, in that the bell which hangs in its tower was formerly used in the village fire house.  It was purchased by the church and its tones may still be heard exclaiming "Whosoever will" may come.

As we look ahead, one of Mount Bethel's priorities is to expand our Bible Studies, Men Fellowship, Community Outreach and Youth Programs. The future of Mount Bethel Baptist Church is indeed rich with promises. We, as a people, must forever look forward. We have every reason to be proud of what has been done in the past by those who built for the future. That their efforts and faith have been rewarded is beyond question.  Therefore, it is now up to us to face the future with confidence in the great work of serving Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.